Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indepth look at Saber #4

This saber is a reuse of parts from my first saber.

Please also let this be known Never do this for reverse sound, I was the first to impliment it but my way failed, LDM/general grevious of the fxsabers forums has a much better way of doing this. Please note I had a switch plate over the ugly, the hilt dident look to bad to be honest, The sound idea just did not work.

Best rendering I have at the moment of what Iam looking for and an idea or 2 of the shroud I
want to implement, still designing it in my head.

As soon as some funds are found, I will start the shroud work and clean up the ribbed section But I want a starkiller inspired saber but I dont want the usual graflex s-curve shroud that you see, I want to do something more vader or anakin ep2 style.

I will add more to this later, But I am thinking of finishing Saber #3 and selling it To get some more funds for this one cause It will be using an exposed crystal chamber just like starkillers.

Not sure on led color though, I want to reuse the orange led I have.

Indepth look at saber #3

This is saber #3, Its a reuse of parts from saber #2, the hilt body is all thats left, I traded off all the other parts for the bladeholder and pommel.

I am awaiting to do some shroud work, Its supposed to be a custom representation of the clan style sabers seen through the prequal trilogy.

It will use a green p4.

Saber build #3 and #4

Ok so why did I start this with #3, well I already built 2 previous to this, and there parts were sacrificed to build saber #3 and saber #4.

I am still in the design stages for the hilt bodys, I work slower than most mainly cause this hobby can cost a good bit.

So here are my sabers, The first one is a rendering cause all pics of it are lost to the sands of time.

It uses a 4.8V 2600mah nimh battery pack, corbin v2 driver and mr sith sound, powering a lux III cyan bin 2, Inhilt recharge located in the pommel.

That is the only pic left of it in action, room is extremely lit and the luxIII cyan is very bright.

This saber was dismantled and the only parts left are the botched ribbed extension and 7" hilt body, That is being reused for a starkiller inspired saber. The electronics were reused in this hilt, only I upgraded to a Crystal Focus v2.5.

This saber was also dismantled, It runs a Rapid online brand high power 3watt orange led and my first sabers electronics minus the corbin/mr board combo.

The Choke was custom machined from tcss, but tim nolonger does custom one off parts, he only mods stock items.

That is all, Next I will talk about Saber #3 and a bit of info on saber #4.